Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Idiotic Musical Number

Why? WHY? WHY? WHY? If they wanted to do musical numbers, why couldn't they have done the real musical numbers, maybe nominated Bruce, maybe let Peter Gabriel sing his whole number from Wall-E. I'm trying not to curse.

Kate just commented they haven't done a number like that in a long time. Maybe they won't again! I never need to hear another note from High School Musical ever again. They do that crap, and no awards? Then later, mark my words, they will be cutting peoples speeches shorts and trying to play them out.

And then the funniest thing I've seen all night was a preview for the new Ryan Reynolds/Sandra bullock movie. With Betty White. Looked funny. Ryan Reynolds is in one of my favorite comedies of all time- Just Friends. He is just freakin' amazing!

I love Alan Arkin. Was there a better role than his in Little Miss Sunshine? What a great performance? And I think I have a man-crush on Josh Brolin! Two great roles, two years in a row. What luck. His performance in No Country was fantastic!

Tropic Thunder and Robert Downey! See the extras on the DVD. Christopher Walken and the speech in Pulp Fiction, with the watch, was one of the funniest movie moments of all time.

And if Heath Ledger does not win,..... waiting. And Heath wins, what an incredibly bittersweet moment for all of Hollywood. I think I will turn the sarcasm off and appreciate the fact that the voters got the vote correct this time. Great nominees, tough category.

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