Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Change-up

What was the deal with SJP? Is she not the most awkward person in Hollywood? Why does she keep getting work? Who hires her? And why?

And do they think we are stupid with this whole telling us the process of how the film is made!

Finally, a highlight- Ben Stiller breathing some life into this dreadful production! They didn't want Jon Stewart as host, for what reason?

Obviously, the Academy is going to award everything to Button and Slumdog. The voters have no imagination. Certainly a lovely film, but how can Dark Knight not be awarded? Ridiculous. I may just go to bed.

Now we have the fine actress Jessica Biel. She's done what? And why are there so many commercials? Another 30 minutes gone by and what, 1 meaningful award?


  1. Thank you Thank you. Gosh SJP. I can't even be logical when thinking of her.

    I agree with the Dark Knight thing.

    And if we have to sit through so many commercials, they ought to be as good as those from the Super Bowl.

  2. Yeah, and Synedoche, New York was completely shut out of it, and it was one of the most wonderful, innovative films I've ever seen. Lisa S.