Friday, October 2, 2009


Dear Friends and Family- On October 2nd, 1996, Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with Stage III testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs and brain. Most of the story has now been written, seven-times Tour de France winner, youngest World Champion, multiple one-day race winner.

But the lasting impact of his recovery has been the creation of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, and the work they do with cancer patients and their families around the world. Though cancer survivor rates have increased in the intervening years, the incidence of cancer diagnoses continues to increase.

On October 25th, I will join with more than a thousand other riders in Austin, TX, to participate in the LIVESTRONG Challenge ninety-mile bike ride. I am riding as a member of Team Fatty Riding for Susan, the wife of Elden Nelson, who passed away in August after a long fight with terminal breast cancer.

But I’m also riding for my grandfather, who battled prostate cancer, Kate’s mom, who has had successful chemo for cancer in her eye, Kate’s aunt Judith who we lost to cancer, and lost the a wonderful cook, for my friend Melanie’s cowboy father, A.W., fighting pancreatic cancer, for my friend Paul who’s beautiful wife, Donna, lost her battle with breast cancer this summer, as well, leaving family and friends behind.

We have all been touched, been hurt, have seen the way cancer effects our families and friends. I am asking you to help me make a difference, to help these families. We all know things are tight, and I am not asking you to do very much. I know I have many friends, so together we can all make a difference. Even ten dollars from each of you would make a significant contribution to the LAF. Please go to, where you can make an online donation, or download a form to mail in a contribution.

Thanks for supporting me in this endeavor. Kevin