Thursday, May 21, 2009

100 Miles To Nowhere!

This weekend, specifically Friday, I will be participating with 421 other people in the 100 Mile Ride to Nowhere. That's right, we will be riding nowhere, in the hopes of raising fund for the LiveSTRONG Foundation. Friday morning, I will don my fancy bike tights, saddle up and ride my bike trainer for what I expect to be about six hours, ON MY TRAINER, IN MY BASEMENT. Going nowhere. All in the hopes of raising more for the fight against cancer, for those who are fighting this deadly disease themselves, or for those who have friends, lovers, family, whomever, who have already lost the battle.

The many many and varied forms of this disease creeps into our lives and our conscience every day. We at Team Fatty have made a pledge to at least try to do our part, to increase the awareness, to have some fun at our own expense, to do what some of these folks can't.

We all have been touched by Cancer. It used to be the word no one said, a stigma. Now, thanks to organizations like LiveSTRONG, Komen, PanCan Action, the stigma is gone, but the reality is the same. These organizations are doing great things for the folks who have been diagnosed, who are in treatment, for their families, friends and loved ones.

So, what can you do to help?

There are two great opportunities for you here. One, you can go here, and contribute directly: You may have to cut and past that, or click the link on my home page here on Facebook.

Now, for any of you that ride, between now and May 25th, there is an additional bonus. For every $5 contribution, you will be entered into a raffle to win a new Kona Cadabra. Those of us on Team Fatty helped his wife's doctor win a contest to name this bike. I will keep track of the names of everyone who enters and will then have a drawing of my own, IF I WIN the bike. Note the disclaimer, IF I WIN the bike.

Here are a couple of links about the bike and the woman who won the bike initially:

We all win, knowing we have done something good.


PS- You can follow the progress on Friday at Twitter @BuzzLiteBoy. I will do hourly updates, if not more often, on the progress, time, speed, RPM, etc. Should be scintillating!


  1. LOL I just read your comment on I think I'm the person you yelled at. I was worried you thought I was a jerk because I didn't respond. I was 60 miles into the ride and it took me a few minutes to process what you yelled, and by the time I figured it out you were too far away to respond :)

    Hope you had a nice ride.

  2. That's just great! I always hesitate after I have done something like that, thinking to myself, does that person think I just called them fat? Had a great ride, beautiful day!

    Good to see you out there!