Friday, January 30, 2009

The First Post

I've been thinking about this for a while, and have finally decided to do it, since I'm unemployed and bored out of my skull. I'm going to write, somewhat consistently, my thoughts on the current state of the world of opera, as discreetly as I can, so as to not damage my position in that world, the state of entertainment (like one more person needs to do that), about KU basketball and cycling.

Let's talk basketball. Last April, the Jayhawks ripped a National Championship from the hands of the Memphis Tigers, because the Tigers couldn't hit their free throws. Memphis fans can whine all they want about how the championship was theirs, but until they learn to shoot the charity, it's not going to happen.

Eight players from that 'Hawk team went to the NBA draft, leaving all of us to wonder what this team would look like in 08-09.

At times, it has been downright ugly, most recently in Lincoln against the 'Skers on Wednesday night. But, HC Bill Self is beginning to instill some toughness into this team, Collins and Little are the embodiment of Self on the floor, and come tournament time, they are going to be scary good. I'm predicting Sweet Sixteen.

And let's talk about the supposed Best Fans in The World in Lincoln, NE. I will not argue, to a degree, that the football fans are probably some of the most knowledgeable and friendly people in the country, who support their team. I remember being at an NU-KSU game, probably '99. NU turned the ball over on their first possession and the Mildcats took over on the NU 35 or so.

The NU fans made that place louder than a Metallica concert. KSU went backward on three plays, NU blocked the field goal attempt and the rout was on. That's the football fans.

Basketball fan? Every stereotype you want to throw out there is okay with me. I was in that dungeon of a building they call a basketball arena in '97, '98, when Paul "The Truth" Pierce was still with the 'Hawks, one of a number of 'ol Roy's teams that under-achieved. The fans booed KU throughout, acted like they deserved every call, etc. It was the same Wednesday night, as the 'Hawks stormed back from a 13-point deficit to take a much need win on the road.

By the way, if it was '98 that I saw them win there, that team later went on to lose to Rhode Island in the second round of the tourney. I was in a hotel in Mobile, AL, lighting a Pirates of Penzance. And the year before they lost to eventual National champion Arizona in the Sweet Sixteen. That KU team was loaded, should have won it ALL- Pierce was a freshman, and had this additional NBA talent- Raef LaFrentz, Jacque Vaughn, Scot Pollard- and a great supporting cast. I curled up in a chair in our apartment.

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  1. Happy to see you've arrive in the land of the bloggers. Fellow wheat waving KU basketball fan here. :-)